Monday, June 29, 2009

My Letter to CNN about their reporting on Honduras

I want to take the time to make some comments about what is really going on in Honduras.
It seems to me that the International media has made much ado about nothing.
I live in the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras.  
This first off was not a coup against ex President Zelaya. This was a legal process that was followed just like in the US with a bit of a difference. The difference is because our government and constitution and laws are different than those of the US. They are similar but there are differences as in all countries. Now furthermore it is clear that it was not a military coup as it was directed by the Supreme Court and Congress. If this had been military directed our president would be the General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez and not the Speaker of the House Micheletti. There also would not be elections in November as a military coup would require a delay of two years in any elections.

In the US there is an impeachment process as you well know by what was instituted against Clinton several years ago. The articles of impeachment took a long time in the US where they were more swiftly taken out here. It has been going on for about a month in Congress as everyone advised the ex president that what he was doing was a violation of law. He thought he was above the law and according to our constitution no one is above the law in articles 321-323 of the Honduran constitution that was ratified in 1982.  

The only error that can be seen is their removing him from the country to Costa Rica, but this may have been a safety measure for his own safety as it is quite possible that he could have been in danger because he is very unpopular in the country. The people of Honduras do not like Mel Zelaya or his policies. In the end it should be up to us what we do and not the rest of the world. The articles in the Inter American charter are second to OUR laws and Constitution…of which he violated.  

I agree to medias it did not look good, but here things must be dealt with in a different fashion than they are dealt with in the United States which is the reason that our Constitution slightly differs. With our history of a problem with dictatorial governments you must understand our reluctance to embark on another one. We don´t want any more than one term presidents because it is a safety check against dictators.  
Let our constitution alone and be proud of us for defending our democracy and allowing the military to do their job…they defended the nation and our democracy and they did well. 
On June 24 there were 100,000 people marching in San Pedro Sula against Mel Zelaya and I didn´t see anything in foreign media about this. I was shocked that they would not show such a massive demonstration of freedom of speech. However, when 50 foreigners gather in protest for a leftist Marxist the media goes nuts and thinks we are in favour of the return of Zelaya when we are clearly not. I was present in downtown San Pedro Sula. There were a total of about 50 protesters and most of these protesters were municipal employees about to lose their jobs, foreigners from Venezuela and Nicaragua, and drunks and homeless people that were and always are in the downtown area but were given shirts to make an appearance of more protest members than there were. Where was the media when we marched for an end to corruption and shouted for Mel to resign? 

Thank you for your attention,
A concerned resident of San Pedro Sula Honduras

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