Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Information on Earthquake and aftershocks

According to reports there were 37 aftershocks, some of them went all the way up to a 6 on the Reichter scale. However, I think it is over for the most part.
There have been several people that have emailed me asking where they can send help to. Honestly, I am not sure, but I would call the Red Cross since there is a Red Cross here. You can also call Unicef and they can either lead you to groups directly helping those who were affected by the earthquake and aftershocks or they can assist you.
The biggest thing is how an act of nature will play with your mind. Now people have a psychosis that the earth is moving even if it is not. In California people are accustomed to Earthquakes but in Honduras mild tremors occur, but there has never been a bad Earthquake in history here.
They assumed that you had to have volcanos to have earthquakes, since this is commonplace in El Salvador where there are active volcanos. However, the public has been very educated over the past few days in what does and doesn´t cause earthquakes and how the tetonic plates move or slip. Most aren´t as scared now, but they are checking and reassessing their homes to see how they can do improvements to make sure that damage doesn´t occur or that it is minimal. Building codes is definately a hot topic right now due to this. People are beginning to understand why there should be building codes and why you should not be able to slap your house up anyway you please. It has never been so crystal clear to them as it is now.
I was already in the process of remodeling the house but when the people in the neighborhood started to notice that I was doing work on the house they were concerned there was damage. I told them no, that yes I had some minor cracks, but they could be fixed easily.
I appreciate all of the emails and posts of concern that I have received from friends and family. They did much in helping me be able to heal and reflect on just how lucky I am.

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