Sunday, June 28, 2009

Liberal Campaign Director Asks people to Abstain from 4th Urn vote

The leader of the Commission of the Campaign of the Central Executive Campaign of the Governing Liberal Party Marlon LAra has asked that Hondurans do not participate in the illegal activities tomorrow, Sunday that are instituted by the President Mel Zelaya, with the objection of promoting a constitutional reform and said that it is a trick to continue in power.

Lara assured in his declarations on a local radio that behind all of this is the breath of continuism of Zelaya.

Lara declared that the official position of the Liberal Party on the consult is that they call to Hondurans, liberals, to stay calm in their homes and therefore not give any credence to an illegal act.

In this process there is no transparency of any kind and there is no legal status.  The consult has no type of institutional control and is being directed only by the executive.

He also reminded that ordinary justice, electoral, and the parliment and other organs of the State have declared this consult that is being promoted by Zelaya as illegal.

The liberal party leader said that in all cases those who are against Zelaya it will do not good to vote no because for every no vote they are going to write in 1,000 that say yes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, read your comments via Democraticunderground, I am not a member, just a member of the right wing conspircy...little joke there. I appreciate your reporting, especially as my wife an I are intetested in retiring in Central america within 10 years. You uphold yourself very well, considereing the baseless attacks you suffer at DU. Brava!

Summermoondancer said...

Thank you so much Anonymous and you are welcome to join here anytime and post or just read and follow hurrah...I am not alone there..I was about to give up.