Monday, June 15, 2009

How Many Aftershocks and Earthquakes

How many of these things can we possibly have? They said that the Justice center here in San Pedro Sula finally finished splitting apart after the 5.4 earthquake that hit at 10 this morning.

We had seven since last night according to the Prensa here.  I finally found a good link that gives us accurate information on the earthquakes in this region.  The US link is not very accurate.  It seems it started with a 3.2 at 2:40 am, a 3.8 at 4:42 am, a 3.4 at 5:23 am, a 5.4 at 10 am and so on.

What is really getting to me is it threatens to rain, the wind blows, it gets really dark, you can even see the rain in the distance, and then .....nothing.  

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