Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Attorney General releases Names

The information was given by the Attorney General of the Republic, Luis Alberto Rubí.

The Attorney General, Luis Alberto Rubí provided information that the suspected functionaries for corruption in Hondutel are Marcelo Chimiri, Oscar Danilo Santos, Jorge Rosa, Jacobo Lagos, and Daniel Flores.

They are responsible for the crimes of corruption, fraud, abuse of authority, this has been completely documented by the Attorney General and presented to the tribunals of the Republic for a warrant against these people, said Rubí.

He added that the General Procurer of the Republic will appear tomorrow about these same people and these same crimes to write the warrant.

The Department of Justice of the United States accepted to turn over to the Attorney General of Honduras information about the millionaire payoff that was paid by LatiNode to ex functionaries of Hondutel.

The international carrier declared that it paid $1.09 million in bribes, about 20 million lempiras, to gain contracts of interconnection and to lower taxes, according to the sentence given by the Department of Justice revealed the past 9th of April. The sentence of the court of Florida showed that the functionaries identified as A,B,and C received bribes.


It was about time someone did something about this...since Chimiri was family to the ex first lady Xiomara, wife of Mel Zelaya nothing was done about this bribe taking.

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