Monday, June 01, 2009

7.3 Earthquake Rocks Honduras

As most of you know by now there was a 7.3 Earthquake here at 2:30 am Thursday morning. Since then we have had a series of aftershocks that were actually other earthquakes ranging from 4.5-4.8. The rumor around is that it will shake for the next three months..yikes..

Anyhow, the earthquake was a terrifying experience for most of us including myself. I was shaken awake by the rolling waves and then suddenly the earth below us siezed and it felt like the house was being literally ripped apart. I do not know if it was fear or the quake itself, but I was stuck to the bed barely able to move much more than to hold my son´s hand. He has been stuck sleeping with me because we were in the middle of installing new ceramic in the house and new ceilings. Anyhow, he was confused as to what had just happened and I was shaking rather visably when I realized it had been a really bad quake, or what I felt like was a bad quake...I was guessing mid 5 to a low 6 when someone else piped up and said it was most likely over 7 so we all started wandering around with flashlights going house to house checking to see if the structures were standing or collapsed. Everything in the neighborhood was intact with the exception of a few minor cracks in walls in different houses.

What was the biggest shock for all of us was to see the massive damage done to the court house. Unbelievable that this new and very beautiful building was nothing but rubble. The bridge in Progresso was collapsed leaving transportation to the area just about impossible. Then the worst, 7 deaths, many young children.

After the quake it siezed again but not as severe and days after that we felt like we were in the middle of the ocean at various points. My neighbor´s fence(built out of concrete blocks) collapsed on the second day and just turned into a cloud of dust that left us all standing there with our mouths open...someone said well a gajillion hours later it finally decided to go poof..I had to laugh to keep from outright crying.

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Armena said...

I'm sorry to hear about your tragedy over there and you, family and friends are lifted up in prayer. Please keep us American's posted through your blog of the transition of getting the area back in shape again. If want to help some of the families by sending items, where is a legit organization name and address.