Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Attorney General releases Names

The information was given by the Attorney General of the Republic, Luis Alberto Rubí.

The Attorney General, Luis Alberto Rubí provided information that the suspected functionaries for corruption in Hondutel are Marcelo Chimiri, Oscar Danilo Santos, Jorge Rosa, Jacobo Lagos, and Daniel Flores.

They are responsible for the crimes of corruption, fraud, abuse of authority, this has been completely documented by the Attorney General and presented to the tribunals of the Republic for a warrant against these people, said Rubí.

He added that the General Procurer of the Republic will appear tomorrow about these same people and these same crimes to write the warrant.

The Department of Justice of the United States accepted to turn over to the Attorney General of Honduras information about the millionaire payoff that was paid by LatiNode to ex functionaries of Hondutel.

The international carrier declared that it paid $1.09 million in bribes, about 20 million lempiras, to gain contracts of interconnection and to lower taxes, according to the sentence given by the Department of Justice revealed the past 9th of April. The sentence of the court of Florida showed that the functionaries identified as A,B,and C received bribes.


It was about time someone did something about this...since Chimiri was family to the ex first lady Xiomara, wife of Mel Zelaya nothing was done about this bribe taking.

Uno America recognizes Micheletti as Honduran President

Uno America condemned the uneccesary intervention of Chavez in Honduras and rejected his threat to send Venezuelan troops to the country.

The Union of Democratic Organizations of America, UnoAmerica, said today in a communication that it recognizes the new government of Honduras, presided over by Roberto Micheletti.

According to UnoAmerica, In Honduras there has not been a coup, it is a constitutional succession, perfectly legitimate, after the intent of the ex President Manuel Zelaya to violate the Carta Magna and continue in power, following in form of rule of Hugo Chavez.

UnoAmerica congradulated the Honduran public, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Congress, and the other institutions for defending the constitutional order without firing a single shot.  It insisted that democratic governments of the world should immediately recognize the President Micheletti, so that they can guarantee the stability and peace of this  Central American nation.

It is wrong for Chavez to call Hondurans gorillas and other names while in the same time he threatens with military invasion, affirmed the communication.  There is not a worse gorilla in all of  Latin America than Chavez.  A  man who started his political career by coups provoking many deaths and injuries.

He is closely related to the Narcoticsterrorism of Columbia, FARC, and the government of Ahmadinejad.  He finances the dictatorship of Cuba.  He stepped permenantly on the constitution and continues to hold hostage his public powers.  He committed electoral fraud.  He strikes out against peaceful demonstrators and he has cut of media communcation.  He hates the Catholic church.  That is your gorilla for you.

In excange they added the Armed forces of Honduras has limited itself to obeying a judicial mandate, one that requires tehm to reestablish constitutional order, they demonstrated their obedience to civil power.

UnoAmerica finalized their communication asking Hondurans to resist external pressure and to maintain firm in their defense of the Democratic institution and their protection of the Constitution.  To measure teh days that go past, the civilized world will understand.  After all of this the Honduran public powers have pronounced unanimously against the pretentions of Zelaya. This is an internal matter.


83% Support Removal of Zelaya

The international polls taken by Univision one of the most important Spanish language stations in the United States about the judicial decisions that removed ex president Zelaya.

The television station Univision in their internet portal asked to those pollsters that voted if they are in agreement to the decision made byu the Supreme Court of Justice in Honduras to order the removal of ex President Manuel Zelaya.

The first results reveal that 83% of the voters in the poll of Univision are in favor of the decision made by the CSJ while only 17% say that they are against the decision that removed Manuel Zelaya.

The question was as follows, was it correct what the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras did to order the removal of the President Manuel Zelaya? 



World Are You Paying Attention

Giant March in Tegucigalpa

While Zelaya looks for the backing of the world in a discourse of the Assembly of the UN in Honduras and the posters asked for peace, democracy, and no interference of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in the country shown in the televisions in International and National sources.

Multitudinaria marcha en Tegucigalpa

Mientras Zelaya busca el respaldo del mundo en un discurso de la Asamblea de la ONU, en Honduras las pancartas pidiendo paz, democracia y la no injerencia de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba en el país se muestran en las televisoras nacionales e internacionales.

Thousands of Hondurans are found in the downtown of the capital demanding international respect for the government of Roberto Micheletti and that they accept the expulsion of Manuel Zelaya because of his disrespect for the constitution.

They also ask the International station CNN to explain that Honduras has not had a coup but a separation of Zelaya for irregularities that were committed by wanting to stay in power with illegal reforms to the Constitution of the Republic.

In other parts of the country groups confronted moved by professional aggitators that had came from Venezuela and Nicaragua and has closed the steets and made attempts against reporters.

Apart from this report from Laprensa.hn I want to report that today in the Peace and Reconciliation march bands of foreign guerillas and gang members like MS 13 showed up and threatened businesses that they were going to kill employees like the business El Gallo Mas Gallo a furniture company.  Also, they shot and protestors in favor of the expulsion of Mel with guns and threw rocks, sticks and tried to bring chaos to people who were gathered in a peaceful demonstration and were praying at the time.

Promoters of the 4th Ballot Box face Judge

Today the Fiscal department will make publicly know their official position over the acts that occurred on Sunday in the country and will give more details over the legal process that is to ensue.

The presentation of various arrest warrants by law enforcement before the tribunal of justice announced yesterday to the Attorney General against the people who were promoting the project of the Executive to realize the inquest and get rid of the Constitution, as established in un decree by the executive published in the Gazette on 25th of June.

The authorities of the Attorney General remitted today their official position on the acts on the past Sunday and offered details about the legal process that will occur for this case.

The privacy with which the Attorney General is conducting the case related to the inquest makes it hard to know the names of the people in the order and other possibilities.

In the last days the judges have found evidence to sustain the process where it is established that the Public Ministry (Attorney General) initiated the investigations since the 23rd of March, when the executive  submitted decree PCM-05-2009, that would start the consult of the 4th ballot box.

In this opportunity the judges  reviewed their attribution to  hold respect and compliance to the constitution and its laws.

The previous generations the capacity and legitimation to execute necessary actuions, whether  legal, civil, or administrative.

In the Attorney General the repeated that their firm determination of executing all actions and  legal recourse derived from the Constitution.

In this process the demander first placed a demand of nulity against the inquest and now the penal actions continue.  Investigated is the crimes against the form of government, abuse of power, disobedience, and misuse of authorities(theft).

Since Sunday it was argued that the detention of Manuel Zelaya was in conformance with a judicial order to detain the leader by order of the Judge of Concious Administrative Order that ordered to suspend the inquest on the last Sunday of June.

To respect the  judges the MP detained Zelaya and all the ministers that had complied with Zelaya in an accusation that was placed with investigaters for  the omission of the judicial resolution.

The legal assesor of the MP, Rigoberto Espinal Irias, has in his personal possession the first criminal acts that were placed against Manuel Zelaya. 

The Direction of the fight against Narcotic trafficking, DLCN, Julian Aristides Gonzalez,said that the fight against narcotics activity has been reduced since the removal of the president.  In the last days no narcotics planes have been registered in national territory .


Zelaya Planned on Disolving Legislative Branch


The Commission informed that it discovered that on Sunday at midday Zelaya was going to create a coup against the Legislative Branch

The information of the Special Commission named to investigate the irregular actions of Manuel Zelaya Rosales discovered other plans that the ex leader held in secret in order to execute after the vote and for months had been planning for Sunday the 28th.

However the information of the commission did not reveal details, the congress found in sessions about Zelaya´s plans on the disolusion of the National Congress at midday on Sunday, after he learned the first results of the frustrated vote on opinion.

The information of the Special Commission also was astute and conducted a seperation of the leader of his Executive power on Sunday the day he had most waited for.

Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Liberal Preident assumed power on the 27th of January 2006, he passed in history as the first president to be impeached by Constitutional rules in force since 1981.

Zelaya Rosales was temporarily substituted by Roberto Micheletti Baín, who until Sunday was the President of Congress, a Liberal Congressman for close to 30 years and a writer of the actual Constitution.

The Constitutional act is registered inact 30-2009 of the day 28th of June, 2009 with a vote of 122 Congress members.  62 Liberal, 55 National, 3 Christian Democracy, and 2 of the Party of Inovation and Unity (PINU).

In the legislative session was not present the 5 congress members of the leftist party Democratic Unification, UD, nor the ex parliment demochristian Marleny Paz, who in the past months had united with the president.  In the Congress there are 128 Congress members.

The impeachment of Zelaya was produced in an ordinary session of Congress that was convened to inform the special investigation about the conduct of the state powers and the order from the court to suspend all advertisment of the poll vote that was going to occur on Sunday, and with relation to the 4th ballot box a box of continous power.

When Mel Zelaya tried to start the actual activity at 6 am he was arrested in his home by elements of the Police and the Army, with the intent of abandoning the country with a destination of Costa Rica according to official reports.

In the information of the Special commission of Congress a list is shown of the illegal acts committed by Zelaya Rosales, that are considered impeachable offenses.

The special commission determined that Zelaya executed unfortunate actions in defiance of constituted authorities and his incompliance of his constitutional requirements and laws which in one way or another are part of the normal development of activity in national life.

The investigative congress had access to information like the failure to sanction 96 decrees and laws remitted by Congress in compliance with the sanction process of law.

The failure to remit the the proposals of the budget according to constitutional mandate should be presented to Congress no later than the 15 th of September of the former year.

Another irregular act was spelled out in dictated sentences by the Judge of the Administration and ratified by the court of Appeals, references to the illegality of the process of a consult over a 4th ballot box and the acts realted to the inquest.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It seems so hard to believe

that there is any unrest in the country.  In my neighborhood it is life as usual.  We live in a middle class neighborhood and people are going to work and home and doing all of the normal functions.  All of it seems so strange to imagine that so much chaos is going on ...my biggest frustration is the twisting of the International media.  I think their biggest anger is that they were removed for trying to instigate riots by adding fuel to the fire so they were cut off.  While free press and freedom to protest and free speech are precious you also cannot incite riots especially if you are not from here.

Citizen commentaries from www.elheraldo.hn

124 | Rafael 29.06.2009 06:30pm 
Se cumplio con la ley, nadie ni un presidente esta por encima de la ley. Los paises desarrollados son asi por el cumplimiento a su constitución y sus leyes. Vamos por buen camino. No caigamos en las tácticas comunistas de poner a pelear a las clases sociales y decirle a los pobres que estan asi por culpa de la gente que tiene mas dinero. Sin embargo, hay que erradicar la corrupción.

If the law was being followed, no one, not even a president is above the law.  The developed countries are the way they are because they follow their constitution and laws.  We are going on a good path.  We cannot fall into communist tactics of fighting in between social classes and tell the poor that they are how they are because of the rich.  However, we also have to eradicate corruption.

123 | Roatan 24 29.06.2009 06:30pm 
El expresidente Manuel Zelaya era un cancer para Honduras y como tal tenia que ser exterminado de nuestra sociedad. Creo sinceramnete que se le trato varias veces de volverlo al orden, tuvo muchas oportunidades de salir con decoro de la situacion y de evitar este acto pero no quiso y cuando hay un cancer hay que tratar de eliminarlo radicalmente y eso fue lo que nuestro pueblo a hecho.

The ex president Manuel Zelaya was a cancer for Honduras and he needed to be exterminated from our society.  I believe sincerly that we tried to bring him to order several times, he had many opportunities to come out of the situation with pride and avoid this act, but he didn´t want that and when there is a cancer you have to try to eliminate it radically and this is what our community has done.

121 | gerard 29.06.2009 06:30pm 
quiero pronunciarme para contestarle al que expreso com el numero 5y6 se mira que no son hondurenos son titeres de el gorilon de chavez porque te expresas igual ha el que significa oligarquia para ti primero aprende no seas ridiculo creo que honduras ha demostrado que no nacimos para que nadie nos ponga las botas en el cuello tu crees que el gorilon de chavez hubiera hecho eso en honduras jamas

I want to prounce to say that I am going to express on Number 5 and 6 that it is clear they are not Honduran but are puppets of the gorrilla Chavez because they express themselves the same way and this signifies oligarchy for you first learn that you should not be ridiculous I believe that Honduras has demonstrated that we were not born for anyone else to put boots to our throat and you better believe that the gorrilla of Chavez will not do that ever in Honduras.

120 | Karla 29.06.2009 06:30pm 
Me da un inmenso pesar que hayan sacado del pais a MEL... ese traidor de la patria lo debieron haber metido preso en Tamara al igual que los otros secuaces que solo da;o le han causado a este noble pais, enga;aron a la gente humilde y pobre,la pena de muerte le hubieran aplicado por crimenes a la humanidad al descuidar sus funciones para la cual el pueblo los eligio no para perpetuarse en el poder

I am so sorry that they removed Mel from the country...this traitor of the country should be put in prison in Tamara the same as others that have only caused harm to this noble country.  They cheated the humble people and the poor, they should apply the death penalty to them for crimes against humanity for not carring for their functions that the public elected them for and that was not to stay in power.

The link




I will post more later...my fingers are tired and they are shutting down the lights every evening for safety reasons so that if there are attacks by Chavez that there isn´t any electricy and danger of fire and to make it difficult for the planes to find the cities.

My Letter to CNN about their reporting on Honduras

I want to take the time to make some comments about what is really going on in Honduras.
It seems to me that the International media has made much ado about nothing.
I live in the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras.  
This first off was not a coup against ex President Zelaya. This was a legal process that was followed just like in the US with a bit of a difference. The difference is because our government and constitution and laws are different than those of the US. They are similar but there are differences as in all countries. Now furthermore it is clear that it was not a military coup as it was directed by the Supreme Court and Congress. If this had been military directed our president would be the General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez and not the Speaker of the House Micheletti. There also would not be elections in November as a military coup would require a delay of two years in any elections.

In the US there is an impeachment process as you well know by what was instituted against Clinton several years ago. The articles of impeachment took a long time in the US where they were more swiftly taken out here. It has been going on for about a month in Congress as everyone advised the ex president that what he was doing was a violation of law. He thought he was above the law and according to our constitution no one is above the law in articles 321-323 of the Honduran constitution that was ratified in 1982.  

The only error that can be seen is their removing him from the country to Costa Rica, but this may have been a safety measure for his own safety as it is quite possible that he could have been in danger because he is very unpopular in the country. The people of Honduras do not like Mel Zelaya or his policies. In the end it should be up to us what we do and not the rest of the world. The articles in the Inter American charter are second to OUR laws and Constitution…of which he violated.  

I agree to medias it did not look good, but here things must be dealt with in a different fashion than they are dealt with in the United States which is the reason that our Constitution slightly differs. With our history of a problem with dictatorial governments you must understand our reluctance to embark on another one. We don´t want any more than one term presidents because it is a safety check against dictators.  
Let our constitution alone and be proud of us for defending our democracy and allowing the military to do their job…they defended the nation and our democracy and they did well. 
On June 24 there were 100,000 people marching in San Pedro Sula against Mel Zelaya and I didn´t see anything in foreign media about this. I was shocked that they would not show such a massive demonstration of freedom of speech. However, when 50 foreigners gather in protest for a leftist Marxist the media goes nuts and thinks we are in favour of the return of Zelaya when we are clearly not. I was present in downtown San Pedro Sula. There were a total of about 50 protesters and most of these protesters were municipal employees about to lose their jobs, foreigners from Venezuela and Nicaragua, and drunks and homeless people that were and always are in the downtown area but were given shirts to make an appearance of more protest members than there were. Where was the media when we marched for an end to corruption and shouted for Mel to resign? 

Thank you for your attention,
A concerned resident of San Pedro Sula Honduras

We have US and International Media and the the Truth

The ineternational media and the US media loves to put their spin on things given whichever country it is and I love how the international community thinks they know what is good for us or what we want without actually asking the people what they want.

The US state department has basically said they don´t care what our constitution said or that Zelaya violated the law,....they recognize he did...but they don´t care.  I wonder would they feel so inclined if it was one of their presidents threatening to overthrow the government in a self instilled coup by their president to wrestle power, disolve congress, and stuff ballot boxes that were prepared by foreign governments such as Venezuela when it is illegal for them to involve themselves in our affairs? The US has said they think it is an internal situation for Honduras to resolve but yet they think it is ok to try to pressure us to do their bidding and to be damned with what we want or feel or think...

The community hates him, we don´t want him, and we are even more frustrated about the lies being perpetuated by the media in the international community while our own people and local media is being completely disregarded...what happened to respect for the law?

What happened to our sovereignty as a nation and our right to remove a  corrupt leader? The US condemns us for not doing anything about corruption and then we do they also condemn us? That is sort of a be damned or be damned situation....

The above pictures are pictures of the protests leading up to the removal of Zelaya and they were people against Zelaya marching peacefully.  Numbers ranged from 5,000 at some cities to 100,000 in San Pedro Sula.  

Later I will take the time to translate some of the comments by the community about this.

US Department of State Briefing


Read this carefully...

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: -- as the second Administration official noted, this has been a brewing conflict that has caught the attention and the concern of the OAS, of ourselves, and of the Central American – the other Central American countries and the European Union embassies inside of Honduras. And we’ve been working in concert with them in an effort to facilitate dialogue among the different and competing institutions, and especially to try to address the larger issue of political polarization inside of Honduras. I mean, I don’t want to go into great detail in terms of everyone we spoke to and every action we took, but we were consistently and almost constantly engaged over the last several weeks with our partners working with Hondurans trying to ensure that the political conflict around this survey that President Zelaya had proposed was resolved in a peaceful way that respected the democratic institutions and the constitutional order of Honduras.

QUESTION: You said a few minutes ago that you were in constant (inaudible) with the military and that they stopped taking the calls. (Inaudible) U.S. and allies been in regular contact with the military over the last few days to again prevent this from happening?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Yes. We have been in contact with all Honduran institutions, including the armed forces. 


OPERATOR: Thank you, sir. Our next question comes from Juan Lopez. Please state your affiliation.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: I believe the word “coup” will be used in the OAS resolution. And I would certainly characterize a situation where a president is forcibly detained by the armed forces and expelled from a country an attempt at a coup. We – I mean, we still see him as the constitutional president of Honduras. So it was an attempt at a coup. We don’t think it was successful.

OPERATOR: Thank you, sir. Our next question comes from Maria Pena. Please state your affiliation.

QUESTION: Yes, with EFE News Services. And thank you for taking my call. I take it that they’re all calling it a coup because the congress in Honduras has already approved the new president, Roberto Micheletti. But my question is – you’ve already answered that the U.S. is only looking at accepting President Zelaya as the president, the constitutional president in Honduras. So now my question has to deal with what the Honduran ambassador at the OAS said this morning. He said that for now, Honduras is not asking the U.S. for military assistance. But my question to you is that in the event that the constitutional order is not restored and they don’t allow President Zelaya to come back, would you consider a request for military assistance, or what would you consider to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, again, it wouldn't just be us. I mean, similar situations have happened in the past. There was something similar in Guatemala in which an elected president was deposed, and the region got turned against Guatemala very quickly in a way that Guatemala could not sustain and so had to back down. And I think that what you’re going to see over the next several days is a consensus throughout the Americas that this was an illegal and illegitimate act that cannot stand.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL TWO: I think you’re also going to see, consistent with the President’s statement earlier today, the call for peaceful dialogue to resolve this through diplomacy. We very much believe that this is a situation that can be solved without recourse to the hypothetical that you laid out, and we are working very hard to ensure that that occurs.

QUESTION: Thank you.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Rubén Barerra. Please state your affiliation.

QUESTION: Notimex. Sorry, I just have one quick question, and it basically is that there is a call from the OAS to call for an emergency meeting of the foreign minister in Washington next week. (Inaudible) President Obama will be leaving on Sunday to Russia. And the question is if that meeting is called, will Secretary Clinton will be attending?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, we’re still working on the Permanent Council resolution, so we don’t know if that’s a reality yet. But obviously, we would be participating.

QUESTION: Thank you.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Rosiland Jordan. Please state your affiliation.

QUESTION: Yes. Al Jazeera English. First, I wanted to find out whether the U.S. Government has been in touch with President Zelaya since he was flown to Costa Rica. I also wanted to find out that since Secretary Clinton was in the – in country just about a month ago, whether she had any conversations with President Zelaya about the political impasse. And if so, did she make any offer of assistance at that time to him and to his government?

And finally, is there any response from the U.S. Government to Hugo Chavez’s claim that this was a U.S.-inspired coup d’état? 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: In regard to the first question, yeah, we have been in touch with President Zelaya both from here in Washington and also from Tegucigalpa, not only in terms of talking to him but also trying to find ways to ensure the safety and well-being of his family.

In regard to the Secretary’s trip to San Pedro Sula to participate in the OAS General Assembly, the meetings there were largely focused on the broader issue of the OAS General Assembly and the different mandates that had emerged from the Summit of the Americas. She did have an opportunity to meet with President Zelaya twice, and President Zelaya did talk somewhat about the internal dynamic in Honduras.

But I think what’s important about the Secretary’s time in Honduras was a reaffirmation of the Administration’s commitments to the Inter-American Democratic Charter and to the democratic vocation of the Organization of American States. And as the Secretary and her team worked on the resolution related to Cuba, our insistence that the OAS reaffirm its commitment to democracy and reaffirm its commitment to the belief of democracy being a fundamental requirement for membership in the OAS has been proven wise because it is the Inter-American Democratic Charter that is being used now to interpret events in Honduras and to guide the region as it responds to events in Honduras.

And in regard to President Chavez’s statements, I think our actions speak very loudly that we’re committed to democratic principles and processes and constitutional order, and that we live by those principles. 

QUESTION: Thank you.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Julio Marenco. Please state your affiliation, sir.

QUESTION: Hi, I’m with La Prensa Grafica of El Salvador. I would like to know if you foresee any sanctions against the new government in Honduras. You say you don’t recognize them. 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, we’re not – as noted, we’re not talking about sanctions right now because we think this can be resolved through dialogue. And I think that once the forces that have conducted this act in Honduras recognize and understand how isolated they are and how committed the region is to restoring democratic order, that they’ll see they have no choice but to do so.

QUESTION: Thank you. 

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Mary Beth Sheridan. Please state your affiliation. 

QUESTION: Washington Post. There was a report in El Pais newspaper this morning – actually, it was an interview with President Zelaya, in which he said that there had been a coup plot afoot in recent days and it was only stopped by actions of the U.S. Embassy. Can you tell us about that or tell us if that’s not correct? 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: I think the only thing we can say at this point is that we were very clear with the different sectors of Honduran political life and Honduras’s different political institutions that any resolution to the political conflict in Honduras had to be democratic and constitutional, and that we would not abide or support any extra-constitutional actions.

QUESTION: Okay. But you were in touch – with the military, was there that conversation with the military? 


QUESTION: And how recent?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: I don’t have – I can’t tell you the most recent, but it was fairly recent.

QUESTION: Okay, thanks. 

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Dmitri Kirsanov. Please state your affiliation, sir.

QUESTION: I’m with ITAR-TASS, the Russian news (inaudible). Gentlemen, I’m sure you’re aware of the statements made by President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who basically threatened military intervention in Honduras. I was wondering if you are in contact with him about that.

And secondly, I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand – are you saying that there is a possibility of President Obama canceling his trip to Moscow over some emergency meeting at the OAS?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL TWO: To answer the second question first, no. I think the question was whether that trip would interfere with the Secretary of State’s travel plans. 

QUESTION: Okay, sir.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL TWO: So just leave that very clear that no one is saying that.

And on the first question, again, the call here from President Obama and from many leaders in the hemisphere have been for this situation to be resolved through peaceful dialogue, free of outside interference in the internal affairs of Honduras by other countries unilaterally. The United States firmly supports that position and will continue working to advance that position to ensure that this, again, remain a situation that is resolved peacefully and free from outside interference.

QUESTION: But are you speaking with the Venezuelan authorities?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: We have several ways to communicate with Venezuela. But we don’t believe Venezuela is planning on sending any troops. Venezuela is participating in the OAS process and working towards a peaceful resolution. They have no intention of introducing troops.

QUESTION: Thank you.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Bill Schmick. Please state your affiliation.

QUESTION: I’m with Bloomberg. And I don’t cover State, and I just wonder, do you plan to identify yourself for somebody who doesn't recognize voices? 

MR. KELLY: I think not.


MR. KELLY: That’s the whole meaning of background.

QUESTION: No, I understand the meaning of background. But you know, in other places, they tell you who – they at least tell you who’s talking. 

MR. KELLY: Yeah. This is Ian Kelly. If you want to contact me separately, I’ll be glad to talk to you.

QUESTION: Okay. How do I do that?

MR. KELLY: Well, we can talk after the conference.

QUESTION: Thank you. That’d be fine. 

OPERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen. Our next question comes from William Booth. Please state your affiliation. 

QUESTION: Washington Post. What is the State Department’s feeling about the survey or the vote that the president of Honduras was going to (inaudible) today? 

And the second question is – you’ve been discussing sort of the internal dynamic in Honduras and the various players. Could you just give us a little help and a little tutorial who you think the principal actors in this coup was? Was the military an actor or an instrument? Could you help us understand a little bit your perspective on what happened this morning in Honduras?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Yeah, in regard to the survey or poll that President Zelaya had proposed, we viewed this as an internal domestic Honduran issue that needed to be resolved by Honduran institutions. The fundamental political divide within Honduras was whether or not this effort by President Zelaya was seen as constitutional and legal, or whether it was seen as illegitimate and unconstitutional. And several institutions, including the public ministry, which is their equivalent of attorney general, the supreme court, and the congress had declared this survey to be illegitimate and illegal. 

But we were trying to find ways to – along with our partners, to bridge the gap that existed and to ensure that the final decision that was made about this polling was done in a way that was peaceful and respected democratic values and the constitutional processes. 

Obviously, it was the armed forces that detained the president today and expelled him from the country. But as we’re seeing now with the naming of an interim president by the congress, this was an effort that has included other political institutions. 

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Kirit Radia. Please state your affiliation.

QUESTION: ABC News. Actually, just if I can go back to the last thing that you said there. You said other political institutions. Could you be a little bit more specific as to who you think was orchestrating this?

A couple other things on this. There’s a lot of Honduran media are reporting on a so-called resignation letter that was written by President Zelaya. What’s your view on that?

And then are you at all considering removing your ambassador at this point? 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: I mean, in regards to the last point, the presence of our ambassador is an important means and mechanism of communication of U.S. interests and purpose, so we don’t have the purpose or intent of removing him at this point in time.

In regard to who these actors are, I’d prefer not to go into detail and point fingers at people because we – aside from restoring constitutional and democratic order to Honduras, there’s also the larger issue of addressing the problem of political polarization and rebuilding trust between and among institutions. And that’s going to require a lot of work by the OAS and by all interested parties, including ourselves. 

QUESTION: And then on the last question about the resignation letter that’s been reported on?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: It would be hard to take that letter seriously given the circumstance that President Zelaya was in.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Our next question comes from Elise Labott. Please state your affiliation, ma’am.

QUESTION: Oh, thanks. I’m with CNN. I just have one quick question, back on the idea of the survey. You said that you felt other institutions felt that it was illegal and unconstitutional, but did you think it was and did you advise the president not to invoke it?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Again, it’s not up to us to determine what’s legal or not within the context of Honduras. It was important for us to leave this to Honduran institutions to try to resolve. And that was really our focus, the focus of the OAS, and the focus of the other countries who were interested in a peaceful resolution of -- 

QUESTION: Yeah, but – I’m sorry. You talk about the democratic charter of the OAS and that you want all constitutional means to be adhered to. Did you find that – or you and your partners, I mean not just the United States, but did the international community and the OAS, who’s been talking about democratic principles and the need for constitutional – adhering to the constitution, believe that it was in line with the constitution?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, again, it’s not up to us to determine what’s in line with the constitution.

QUESTION: Yeah, but now you’re invoking the – I’m sorry, but now you’re invoking the constitution to return him. So did you think that what he was doing was in line with the constitution?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: No, but there’s a big distinction here because, on the one instance, we’re conducting about conducting a survey, a nonbinding survey; in the other instance, we’re talking about the forcible removal of a president from a country. So I think we can distinguish between those terms – those two in terms of what’s constitutional and what might be left to institutions.

But I think what’s important to remember about the survey is that it was just that. It wasn’t even a formal vote. It was a nonbinding survey. And the issue of whether it was legitimate or illegal did not revolve around the survey itself. It revolved around who conducted it and whether or not this could be conducted by the government and which institution in the government could conduct it, and whether or not as it’s being conducted state security forces could be used to both manage and secure the equipment that was being used for the survey and provide security. And that’s where the divide occurred within Honduras. It was about who conducted this survey, with several institutions in Honduras insisting that the Honduran Government could not conduct it, at least not in the way that President Zelaya had suggested.

And from our point of view, what was important was not inserting ourselves and trying to make a determination of what was legal or illegal, but trying to insist that the Hondurans find a way to resolve this in a way that was in accord with their constitution. 

MR. KELLY: Emily, I think we have time for one more question.

OPERATOR: Thank you, sir. Our next question comes from Rosalind Jordan. Please state your affiliation. 

QUESTION: Yes, Al Jazeera English. I was going through an October 2008 report assessing the effectiveness of the Embassy down at Tegucigalpa, and it pointed out that there were many endemic problems with Honduras that made the Embassy’s work much more difficult, notably political and law enforcement corruption, the drug trafficking problem, as well as Zelaya’s leftist political leanings. Now, granted, this report was written during the previous administration, but what I wanted to ask was had there been any concerted effort within the State Department or within the Obama Administration to assess the situation in Honduras, reassess the U.S.’s relationship with Honduras over, you know, over the next period of years, or was this simply not as much of a priority as has been dealing with the war in Iraq or Iran or anything else in the Middle East? 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, I mean, we just came from San Pedro Sula, Honduras at the OAS General Assembly, and President Obama was in Trinidad and Tobago where President Zelaya was. So since almost the beginning of this Administration, we’ve been engaged in the hemisphere in a pretty dramatic way. And President Zelaya has been present at two of these events, and the President had an opportunity to speak to him in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Secretary also. And obviously, the Secretary had an opportunity to speak with him several times in Honduras. 

But again, Honduras is a country that we’ve had an important relationship with for a long time. We’ve got a free trade agreement with them through CAFTA. They’re part of the Merida Initiative. They’re part of the Millennium Challenge effort by the United States, and they also receive special status for Hondurans living in the United States through the temporary protective status program. And in that regard, I mean, Honduras has been an important partner over time. And so we’ve always been interested in the well-being of Honduras.

QUESTION: I guess the question really is: Was there enough concern about the polarization between the various political groups in country? Did the U.S. miss an opportunity to really help head off today’s events?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: Well, I think we and others worked very hard to do that, but we were unsuccessful. 

MR. KELLY: Any final comments from our two speakers? If not, thank you all for joining us. And just to remind, the attribution for this is Senior Administration Officials.

OPERATOR: This concludes today’s conference. Thank you so much for joining. You may disconnect at this time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

As reported in La Prensa.

The president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya said on Sunday that his detention by a group of soldiers was a coup and a kidnapping.

But the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras affirmed that the Armed Forces acted in defense of the Constitution by removing him.

Zelaya is in Costa Rica and affirmed that he will not recognize any intention to name someone in his place.

An upsurping government cannot be recognized by absolutely nobody.  If this government stays they will be alone, he said.

They know they are harming the country and they are sending Honduras backwards and they are spending the future of thier children.  They are creating a monster that no one can detain and that monster is violence.

Zelaya added that he will meet with diplomats and emphasized that he wants to complete his period of presidency all the way to the end, in January 2010, because of this he called for negotiations.

In the revealed communication en radio and television networks, the Supreme Court left the record that the actions that occurred today are based on a judicial order emitted by a competent judge, its execution is marked inside of the understood laws and should develop in revealing everything that goes against it and return the control of law to the state of Honduras.

Saul Escobar, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal read a communication that ratified that on the 29th of November there will be elections in compliance with the constitution.

The leader was detained by soldiers early Sunday, hours before the inquest was to begin with the public  about a possible constitutional reform.  a media of which the majority of governmental departments were against.

The consult was completed in a few areas of the country.

Planes and military helicopters were flying over TEguicigalpa, while the capital and its principal cities of the country were in the dark.

The problem that was left also was the most part of news stations also are out.  Similar problems were presented with cell phones (I didn´t have any trouble making calls), maybe by exaggerated use by clients.  

Zelaya had removed the highest military chief, general Romeo Vasquez, for refusing to cooperate with the consult to reform the constitution.  He accepted the resignation of the Defense minister Edmundo Orellana but the Supreme Court and congress reinstated the official.

The consult is prohibited by the Constitution of 1982.  The constitution establishes this as a felony of treason, with penalties of 15 to 20 years in prison for those who violate this.

The military governed 18 years in Honduras, between 1956 and 1982 after removing three democratically elected presidents.

Liberal Campaign Director Asks people to Abstain from 4th Urn vote

The leader of the Commission of the Campaign of the Central Executive Campaign of the Governing Liberal Party Marlon LAra has asked that Hondurans do not participate in the illegal activities tomorrow, Sunday that are instituted by the President Mel Zelaya, with the objection of promoting a constitutional reform and said that it is a trick to continue in power.

Lara assured in his declarations on a local radio that behind all of this is the breath of continuism of Zelaya.

Lara declared that the official position of the Liberal Party on the consult is that they call to Hondurans, liberals, to stay calm in their homes and therefore not give any credence to an illegal act.

In this process there is no transparency of any kind and there is no legal status.  The consult has no type of institutional control and is being directed only by the executive.

He also reminded that ordinary justice, electoral, and the parliment and other organs of the State have declared this consult that is being promoted by Zelaya as illegal.

The liberal party leader said that in all cases those who are against Zelaya it will do not good to vote no because for every no vote they are going to write in 1,000 that say yes.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh Boy Here We Go

Zelaya has shut down all of the cable channels so we have to listen to his introduction of the OEA and representatives from Cuba...ad nauseaum...bleck..

The 105th brigade is testing its bomb sirens so this is becoming real now.

Tactics Revealed to Instill Authoritarian Government in Honduras

The government of Manuel Zelaya follows the same scheme that occurred in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia previous to an installation of their present regimes. 

This was shown in an illustration given by expert Fabrizio Rosa Vigil before Congress and representatives of civil society, business leaders, and diverse organizations.  He was invited to speak about the subject. The exposition that contained videos and documents lasted for 50 minutes and reflected on the similarities in Ecuador and Honduras.  

According to the expert,  Zelaya is applying the same process of all of the other forementioned countries in concentration of power, discrediting of groups of financial interests, the deleting of seperate political parties, removal of a Congress, political organs, and seperate justice system.

The systematic need is created by a new social pact or a new constitution for the Republic that is reached by a national constitutional assembly.

The expert revealed that this would include the nationalization of banks, media communications, control of business, money, and commerce.

In Honduras we are not ready to live in this fashion and because of this it is urgent that all sections of society unify in defense of the constitution and our system of government.


Venezuela and Nicaragua violating Borders

According to locals of El Paraiso in a report to El Heraldo they said military from Nicaragua and Venezuela were trying to cross the border at an area known as Las Manos that borders with Nicaragua.  The reports are that Honduran soldiers showed up and they went back into the hills of Nicaragua.  

The locals say that they are continuing their attempt to enter at blind spots in the country, but locals scared them off by taking up arms against them.

The locals got into contact with Congress and Congress officals told them they are aware of the situation.

According to reports that Chavez has involved himself because he has made requirements of Zelaya in exchange for his financial assistence to the country that include changing the constitution, elimination of the Supreme Court, freedom of press, religion, and handing over rights to the oil in the country.

If you can read in Spanish you are welcome to read those reports here


Friday, June 26, 2009

Massacre in Zelaya´s ranch 34 years ago

Still no justice.  This is an example of the way some get away with murder and then become president.


The 25th of June father Bentancourt and Ruth Garcia traveled from Tegucigalpa to Catacamas, Olancho.  They were traveling to meet the mother of the priest that had traveled from Columbia to visit him.  She was traveling with her future daughter in law Maria Elena Bolivar.  

It was still daytime and to get to Lepaguare the priest wanted to buy gasoline but they did not want to sell him any.  Ramon Enrique Diaz who worked for Jose Manuel Zelaya yelled that the father Ivan was there.

The priest tried to flee on the path to Tegucigalpa, but soldiers followed after him trying to shoot out his tires.  A few kilometers later they stopped in Limones.  They were detained and tied up by the soldiers.  They took them to the ranch known as the Horcones.  That from the day before was occupied by soldiers with the permission of Mel Zelaya.  

According to information from the government to go to Horcones the Major Chinchilla ordered three elements of DIN to interrogate the six detainees that were taken to Juticalpa and after were murdered with a .22 rifle that was provided by Mel Zelaya.  The interrogation for the DIN meant to apply all torture from punches to kicks to electric shock, the scarf, pull nails, and other cruel practices.  

Meanwhile the Father Ivan Bentancourt was also submitted and interrogated and gave declarations of subverse activities that were being done in company of other religious leaders that had to do with a recording.

After the interrogation of Father Ivan Bentancourt also was dead.  The second act and to avoid witnesses of the acts the proceeded to assasinate  Ruth and Maria Elena and this is given according to text provided by the  Armed Forces the 23 of July 1975.
The bodies were taken in Mel Zelaya´s car to a plot of land about a kilometer from the house.  There was a well that was about 40 metres deep, similar to a ten story building and that is where they threw the bodies. The sub Lutenient Plata placed two charges of 10 and 17 candles of dinamite and they still did not seal the well and they finished filling with dirt scooped and loaded with tractors.

In the following days Mel Zelaya and Chincilla informed that the priest was in Patuca with a guerilla group and the Prensa came forward with front headlines calling them liars.

The first bodies were discovered on the 17 of July.  

It was 11:30 the night of the 25th of June and the acts of terror still were not finished.  In prison was a man who stopped in front of the bathroom where they had 15 detainees.  He pulled out a list and said for those called to come forward.  

Father Casmiro Cypher, Juan Benito Montoya, Roque Andrade, Osear Ortiz, Lincoln Coleman and Bernardo Rivera.  

And the others a voice asked.  I will get them at 3 in the morning.  

The person in charge of the prisonint his moment Cabo Efrain Clot her Montes, turned them over by order of the Prison guard Sargeant David Artica Tablada.

The agent of DIN Enrique Brazo took the six prisoners to the leaders, tied up and in  their interior clothing in  Artica´s car.

That is how a convoy was organized by order of the Major Jose Enrique Chinchilla in direction of Valle de Lepaguare where they arrived at 1:30 am approximately.  The convoy detained in the point of access to the valley because a part of the road had been damaged.  In the bridge the detainees were removed from the vehicle  where others were waiting for them on the other side. The others were made up of Jose Manuel Zelaya and Carlos Bahr  and they went in direction of the ranch.  All of this is according to the Armed Forces given a month later.

Meanwhile, from 11 that night on radio Juticalpa the news was given that six men had escaped from prison, they gave teh names and aksed for people to advise them if they found them.  This same communication was repeated on the 26th of June.

Mel Zelaya, Carlos Barh, Chinchilla, and Plata were signaled by the investigation commission of the Armed Forces as those who were responsible for everything.  They were arrested in the Central Penitenciary from the 16th of June 1979.

They were condemned to 20 years in prison for homocide, but they were only in prison a little more than one year because the 3rd of September 1980 they were favored for a decree of anmesty of the Constitutional  National Assembly and they were freed on the 11th of September.  This was one of the gifts of the return of democracy with the elections of April 1980, as it should be, but not for homocide, which implicates the tribunal of twisting justice.

The Liberal president Roberto Suazo Cordova, first civil president after the 19 years of military governments named agre fado military of Honduras befor ethe public of Panama as the major Jose Enrique Chinchilla .  In this manner, the three powers of the Judicial state,  Legislative state, and the Executive branch demonstrated their service to the powerful and stain the memories of the martyrs of the people.

They also did not act against the members of the National Federation of Agricultors and Ranchers of Honduras or members of the private businesses that were implicated by the Armed Forces.  They accused directly Fernando Lardizabal and Bernardo Casanova president of FENAGH.  Everyone of them continue to be considered honorable including Lardizabal  who was even a pre candidate for the presidency of the Republic on behalf of the Nationalist party.

OEA needs to butt out

OEA and Chavez and Nicaragua need to mind their own business.  This is our affair.  Leave us be because you will certainly have your hands full with a very angry, untamable public.

Unlike Venezuelans we aren´t fools and we refuse to be puppets of anyone.

Demonstration in Soldier Park in Tegucigalpa

Thousands are gathered in front of the National Congress at this moment demanding answers from Congress and demanding the impeachment of Manuel Zelaya. Liberal Party leaders are calling for his removal and have said he is no longer part of their party and that they have abandoned him. Things are really heating up as the people demand that he pay attention that they are the people of Honduras and that they do not want him in office any more.
The five star general of the FFAA says that they are more ready than ever to defend the constitution.
People are yelling ´Get out´ Get out Mel, Get out´
We shall see what the next 24 hours brings us.

Turmoil in Honduras

Right now there is tension in the air.  People are in a frenzy worried about what is going to happen in the showdown between President Zelaya and the National Congress.  There is a distinct likelyhood that Zelaya will be impeached for violating the constitution and a direct order from not only Congress but the Supreme Court of Justice.  

He is using a lot of propaganda and calling foreign countries for assistence.  This is an internal situation and the other foreign countries including Chavez and the US should STAY OUT OF IT.

The situation is an impeachment much like occurred in the US against Clinton, except this impeachment isn´t over a lie or an affair...this is much more serious it is abuse of power, betrayal of his oath to the constitution, ect.  The process is going through Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice, just like occurs in the United States.  There is nothing illegitimate about the process.  Zelaya is very unpopular.  If you want to see just how unpopular he is there were 100,000 who marched against him in San Pedro Sula just a few days ago...he only could muster some 2,000 to his side and he had to pay them to show up.  

His mistress who acts as his assistant Patricia Rodas went to Venezuela to say that they were going to squash anyone who opposes them and that they were going to continue in power no matter what anyone said or wanted.  WHAT? Is she fooling herself? I hope to laugh at her behind bars.  What kind of democratic person threatens to squash anyone who opposes them?

The idea of Democracy is that the Congress represents the people and the President represents the people.  The president is NOT above the LAW...the law and the Constitution are the supreme law of the land and he nor anyone is above that.  The president cannot give orders in violation of that law his orders have to work within the law...

Think about what you are doing to this wonderful country Zelaya!  Honduras has enjoyed many years of peace.  Even when Nicaragua and El Salvador were imploding Honduras maintained peace.  The people here do not want war, but we will not be intimidated either...especially by the likes of some madman like Chavez.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How Many Aftershocks and Earthquakes

How many of these things can we possibly have? They said that the Justice center here in San Pedro Sula finally finished splitting apart after the 5.4 earthquake that hit at 10 this morning.

We had seven since last night according to the Prensa here.  I finally found a good link that gives us accurate information on the earthquakes in this region.  The US link is not very accurate.  It seems it started with a 3.2 at 2:40 am, a 3.8 at 4:42 am, a 3.4 at 5:23 am, a 5.4 at 10 am and so on.


What is really getting to me is it threatens to rain, the wind blows, it gets really dark, you can even see the rain in the distance, and then .....nothing.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

H1N1 Virus

School here has been cancelled for two weeks because of the attempt to gain control over the H1N1 virus.  There are 100 new cases and most of them children and  located here in SPS.

Remodel Close to Finished

Here are some pics of the ceramic that we had done recently.  We are just about ready to primer and paint after the cracks from the quake are fixed.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pics from the earthquake damage caused

These are pics from my house.  We were involved in a remodel of the house so we had stripped the paint down when the earthquake occurred and had the ceilings torn down from the rafters.  The ceilings had been seriously weakend when we were hit by a tornado last year and it ripped off the roof, but we were just recently able to deal with stripping and replacing them since the entire ceiling structure needed redone.

However, we had to stop mid remodel and deal with cracks in the bare and stripped down walls that were being resurfaced and prepared for new paint.

Friday, June 05, 2009

When Do The Aftershocks Stop?

The amount of aftershocks has created panic in the communities of Honduras. We have had over 60 aftershocks that were concidered replicas of intensity sufficient to be concidered earthquakes and over 150 shocks of low intensity. Some of those shocks reached 6 on the reichter. However, the latest was of 3.7 in La Ceiba and another yesterday of 4.3 so hopefully they will reduce in intensity and eventually disappear.

Corruption Court Investigating President Mel Zelaya

The president has acted as if he is in control of Honduras without concideration of the courts, the law, or Congress. He forgets that this country is a country controlled by a constitution. The constitution limits the power that he has.
He is refusing to present before Congress to give them the budget for this year telling what amount of taxes came in and what was spent and why. Ramon Custodio has submitted a formal complaint against the president to be investigated for this act.
Why doesn´t he want to tell the public what amount of money he is spending and why it is being spent? When he has yet to pay the teachers in the country certainly we have the right to know why he hasn´t done that and where the money went. I suspect that he has spent way too much money on things that weren´t allowed by the government. The question is how much money has Zelaya stolen from the Honduran people?

6 Month Old Baby Murdered

Today I woke up to see something so horrible it is beyond comprehension on Channel 6 news. A home was invaded and the man and woman were murdered, but also murdered was the 6 month old baby of the couple. What could be so horrible to create the need to murder an innocent baby? What type of person murders a baby? What kind of psychopath can do something like that?
It is completely outrageous regardless of why or what caused the death of the parents, the child is not a witness. The child didn´t do anything wrong. Why not leave the child alive?
This type of barbaric act does not receive the forgiveness of God ever. This person that did this needs to be hunted down and locked in a dirt cell for the rest of his or her life.
When this starts to occur how close to lost is this country?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Information on Earthquake and aftershocks

According to reports there were 37 aftershocks, some of them went all the way up to a 6 on the Reichter scale. However, I think it is over for the most part.
There have been several people that have emailed me asking where they can send help to. Honestly, I am not sure, but I would call the Red Cross since there is a Red Cross here. You can also call Unicef and they can either lead you to groups directly helping those who were affected by the earthquake and aftershocks or they can assist you.
The biggest thing is how an act of nature will play with your mind. Now people have a psychosis that the earth is moving even if it is not. In California people are accustomed to Earthquakes but in Honduras mild tremors occur, but there has never been a bad Earthquake in history here.
They assumed that you had to have volcanos to have earthquakes, since this is commonplace in El Salvador where there are active volcanos. However, the public has been very educated over the past few days in what does and doesn´t cause earthquakes and how the tetonic plates move or slip. Most aren´t as scared now, but they are checking and reassessing their homes to see how they can do improvements to make sure that damage doesn´t occur or that it is minimal. Building codes is definately a hot topic right now due to this. People are beginning to understand why there should be building codes and why you should not be able to slap your house up anyway you please. It has never been so crystal clear to them as it is now.
I was already in the process of remodeling the house but when the people in the neighborhood started to notice that I was doing work on the house they were concerned there was damage. I told them no, that yes I had some minor cracks, but they could be fixed easily.
I appreciate all of the emails and posts of concern that I have received from friends and family. They did much in helping me be able to heal and reflect on just how lucky I am.

Monday, June 01, 2009

7.3 Earthquake Rocks Honduras

As most of you know by now there was a 7.3 Earthquake here at 2:30 am Thursday morning. Since then we have had a series of aftershocks that were actually other earthquakes ranging from 4.5-4.8. The rumor around is that it will shake for the next three months..yikes..

Anyhow, the earthquake was a terrifying experience for most of us including myself. I was shaken awake by the rolling waves and then suddenly the earth below us siezed and it felt like the house was being literally ripped apart. I do not know if it was fear or the quake itself, but I was stuck to the bed barely able to move much more than to hold my son´s hand. He has been stuck sleeping with me because we were in the middle of installing new ceramic in the house and new ceilings. Anyhow, he was confused as to what had just happened and I was shaking rather visably when I realized it had been a really bad quake, or what I felt like was a bad quake...I was guessing mid 5 to a low 6 when someone else piped up and said it was most likely over 7 so we all started wandering around with flashlights going house to house checking to see if the structures were standing or collapsed. Everything in the neighborhood was intact with the exception of a few minor cracks in walls in different houses.

What was the biggest shock for all of us was to see the massive damage done to the court house. Unbelievable that this new and very beautiful building was nothing but rubble. The bridge in Progresso was collapsed leaving transportation to the area just about impossible. Then the worst, 7 deaths, many young children.

After the quake it siezed again but not as severe and days after that we felt like we were in the middle of the ocean at various points. My neighbor´s fence(built out of concrete blocks) collapsed on the second day and just turned into a cloud of dust that left us all standing there with our mouths open...someone said well a gajillion hours later it finally decided to go poof..I had to laugh to keep from outright crying.