Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Storm season coming again

This was Hurricane Mitch in Oct 1998 it destroyed most of the country, but led way to the prosperity that is beginning to give way in some major cities here. However, I had my first reencounter with major storms here since Hurricane Mitch when I came during the storm in 1998.
I moved to Honduras in January 2008. I had only been living here for five months when a bad storm blew in with the feeling of a Texas storm, but I shook it off thinking I was just being silly because after all tornadoes don´t happen in Honduras. Boy was I ever wrong. The storm blew in an F2 tornado that wiped out hundreds of huge trees. Took out my roof and spread it over the entirety of the neighborhood leaving everyone in shock since supposedly I had the best built house in the neighborhood. Of course, we never counted on a direct hit by an F2 tornado. It took out the second floor wall of another house killing the owner just one block away from me. It uprooted a huge mango tree across the street from us laying it on the roof of my car. I walked into my roofless house in shock there was literally a waterfall on my staircase(good thing we have ceramic instead of carpet). It took almost two weeks to register in my mind what had really happened. Now we are embarking on a new season...I shall see if this one goes better than the last. Our pet chiuahua is not ready, he hates the rain. We affectionately named him Mango for his love of begging for and actually eating this fruit.

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