Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politics in Honduras

May 13, 2009
Election time is drawing near in Honduras and politics are really heating up here. This is a picture I took on the Saturday before Mother´s Day at a campaign rally for the Nationalist party. The candidate for president is Porfierio Lobo, or affectionately known as Pepe. My husband who is Honduran spent his entire life living next door to Pepe
Lobo in Juticalpa. Yes, my husband is ´Olanchano´for those who know about Honduras they are probably choking in surprise. However, he isn´t bad he is really pretty good, not as machista as the front he puts on. He is really a teddy bear who gives me just about anything I want.
The gray haired man is Dr. Tuky BendaƱas. He is running for mayor of San Pedro Sula. He is a well known gynecologist and on my list of people I like after the beautiful palm trees he gave out for mother´s day. What a nice thing to do...the two I was given are on my patio.
Of course, their platform is about change. The cuarta urna promoted by the very unpopular president Zelaya is causing a bit of havoc. Most people understand his reform is ´dictatorship´. People here are not very trusting when it comes to police and politics. It takes some time to get used to, but you do get accostumed to why they don´t trust the police or politicians.
Of all of the candidates he is probably the one who will be the toughest on the gangs and would most probably try to push through the death penalty. I am of mixed emotions with the death penalty especially with a justice system like they have here. However, with the amount of crime something has to happen and the one who did the most about it was condemned the hardest by civil rights groups. This was the former president Ricardo Maduro.
Sometimes it is difficult to adjust from the US way to the Honduran way. The gringa in La Ceiba does a very good job of explaining some of the things about life from a gringo perspective. However, I thing she might see things different than I do, because I am Hispanic so I don´t exactly see things from a white-brown perspective.
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