Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Finally Rained...right on the topless Convertible...

Wouldn´t you know I would be busy on the phone with a driver and the rain starts to come down right on the inside of the Cabby..My neighbor went bananas trying to get my attention to let me know it was raining..she finally set off the alarm on it on purpose so I would look outside. lol. Then I squawked, dropped the phone, got the keys and ran to put up the roof. We laughed about it later. I tend to leave the top down during the day if it is not raining, because the neighborhood is fairly safe. I just set the alarm and no one bothers it. What a day yesterday was.

Today is going to be pretty busy to. The contractor is coming to take some more measurements, bring some sketches and go over the details while we wait for the cured wood to be completed. He is going to be pulling the wood out of the ceiling that we have and see what is usable and what isn´t we have to discuss the new central air units going in upstairs as well. The last thing is going to be replacing windows with the style I want. There is a new French style popular here I just adore, but I will have to ok that with the mister first. He is already grumbling about the cost of the ceramic tiles I picked for the stairs.

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