Friday, May 15, 2009

House remodeling

May 15, 2009
We will be starting to remodel the house on the 20th of this month. We are starting with the ceilings. I hate plain ceilings with no life to them so this is what I picked out. If anyone has suggestions let me know. The one that is a bathroom picture is going in my master bedroom the other is going into the upstairs living area. We are just going to redo the outside ceilings as we had not completed them from when we lost our roof last year and the ceilings were damaged, but the pigeons are driving me bananas. I will talk about tin roofs, cats and pigeons later, but they are enough to drive anyone to have a nervous breakdown. We have basically what amounts to a tin roof when we had clay tile before. However, it is aluminum as my husband pointed out.

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